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Bespoke Ride Tri Suit

This Tri suit consolidate the advantage of two piece into one piece. Tri suit gurantees exceptional performance in all three split. This tri suit supports temperature management equally well at short, medium and long distance.

Updated for 2018, the refreshed Fusion features new lines for improved comfort and reach in the water. Speed is achieved with the aid of high buoyancy in the legs to promote downhill swimming and a full SCS coating will make you slip through the water.

Wet Suit ( Fusion )

Bespoke Ride T-shirts

This Jersey is made from the cotton plant. It is one of the most commonly desired fabrics of its pleasant feel against the skin.

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The elastic warp knit fabric in this cycling sports and is made of durable polyester microfibre. A special surface finish ensure pleasant softness and is gentle to the skin, which provides highest level of seating and cycling comfort.

Cycling Jerseys are designed to draw dampness away from your body, exposing it to the outer air so that it can evaporate. This keeps you dry and comfortable in both hot weather and cold.

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Hand made in Italy. its characteristics of softness, lightning and resistance is a fabric especially indicated for active sports, because its innovative structure allows humidity to be expelled immediately, offering you maximum comfort.

Engineered with multi-sport athlete in mind shorts made with LYCRA Sport technology provides freedom of movement, while keeping their shape.